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Product name : Master Evo series pure/ultra-pure water system
Product No. : Master Evo
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The Master Evo series uses urban tap water as its water source, which can conveniently and quickly manufacture RO reverse osmosis water and UP ultrapure water. It is a well-known product of China’s laboratory pure water system, an instrument that has attracted attention in the scientific instrument industry in 2017/2018, and has been domestically produced for two consecutive years. Good instrument-Master-based, integrated touch screen control system, integrated water intake handle, without an external water tank, achieves a continuous water production (45 liters/hour) with a flow rate of up to 780 ml/min*. The electrical resistivity of ultrapure water reaches 18.2MΩ.cm, which fully complies with the Grade I water quality standards established by GB/T 6682-2008, GB/T33087-2016, ASTM, CAP, CLSI, EP and USP.

Brand new 5.0 inch color touch screen
Animated menu, system information at a glance, realizing a new operation experience with fingertip touch.

3 channels of water quality and 2 channels of flow monitoring
Real-time monitoring of the water quality of source water, RO reverse osmosis water, and UP ultrapure water. You can check the water quality without taking water
2-channel high-precision quantitative (10-999999ml), qualitative (0~18.25MΩ.cm) water intake function

Integrated water intake handle
The handle can be flexibly removed and moved freely. The pipette-style water intake method conforms to the user's usage habits; 2 types of water intake modes, instant and quantitative; 2.0-inch color graphic display, real-time display of resistivity, water temperature, flow rate and water intake information; With circulation pipeline, it can realize the continuous circulation of ultra-pure water with the main engine, keeping the pure water quality at all times; the use distance of the water intake handle is up to 0.9 meters, which basically covers the water range of the experimental bench.

Continuous water production with a large flow of 45 liters/hour
Without an external water tank, it can achieve a continuous water production with a flow rate of up to 780 ml/min, which basically meets the requirements of experimental water.

No external water tank design
The continuous large water production of the system solves the problem of insufficient water flow rate of ordinary systems and requires an external water tank, which not only saves valuable experimental space, but also maintains the quality of pure water at all times.

Built-in buffer pressure water tank
The system is cleverly built-in a pressure water tank in a small integrated space, even if the water is frequently intermittently taken, it can ensure the pure water quality and water production.

Comprehensive consumable management function, PP, KDF, AC, RO, UP, UV, UF, TF consumable life can be set, display the used time and amount, and automatically remind replacement when expired
System alarm function, water shortage alarm, water tank full alarm, source water, RO reverse osmosis water, UP ultra-pure water, automatic detection and alarm functions such as water quality exceeding alarm, providing safety assurance
USB interface and memory card, automatically record one year's operating data, can set the time range for complete data export through the USB interface, in line with GLP specifications
Ultra-pure water circulation system, intermittent operation, not only maintains the low level of bacterial contamination of the system, but also reduces energy consumption
Ultra-pure water full pipeline disinfection function, which can be manually executed "Circular disinfection", "Water intake disinfection", "Water tank replenishment", "Manual blowdown", "Stop disinfection"
Fully automatic RO membrane anti-scaling flushing function, can set the flushing interval and duration, with manual forced flushing program, prolong the service life of RO membrane
Factory and customer secondary passwords, system settings are protected by passwords to prevent unauthorized changes
System time setting function, can set year/month/day/hour/minute, and timer standby (0~60min) and timer shutdown (0~24hour)
Complete information query and data management functions, water intake records-water quality and quantity, consumption of consumables and replacement records, instant alarms, historical alarms and other information
High-strength all-engineering plastic chassis, ergonomic design, to prevent corrosion and rust, to ensure that the body is clean, in line with GLP specifications
Modular design, pretreatment, RO and subsequent purification units are all independent structures, system maintenance and filter replacement are more convenient
Pipes and joints are certified by NSF to minimize the TOC precipitation of the system and ensure the quality of pure water
Powerful pretreatment components, combined with 5μm PP transparent filter element, KDF composite filter element, coconut shell washing grade precision activated carbon filter element, effectively protect the RO membrane
The ultra-long life composite KDF pre-filter column can be replaced without replacement for 1 year, and the operating cost is reduced
Dow DOW imported RO membrane membrane module, which realizes the combination of long life, stability and high salt rejection rate of RO membrane
The brand-new detachable integrated 4-column ultra-purified column set adopts Dow DOW imported nuclear-grade resin to ensure the quality of pure water at all times
Dual-wavelength (185nm&254nm) UV UV lamp assembly (imported lamp tube), effective sterilization, reducing TOC, and enhancing the scope of application of the system
MWCO5000DUF ultrafiltration module (imported with original packaging), effectively removes pyrogen (endotoxin), and can be used for precise cell culture and IVF
(0.45+0.1)μm imported PES polyethersulfone composite filter membrane terminal sterilization filter to ensure the sterility of the terminal effluent


Type Basic Pyrogen removal type Low organic matter type Comprehensive type
Model Master Evo-S45 Master Evo-S45UF Master Evo-S45UV Master Evo-S45UVF
Water production* 45 L/hour
Ultra-pure water index  
Resistivity(25℃) 18.2MΩ.cm
Total organic carbonTOC* <10ppb <10ppb <3ppb <3ppb
Bacterial <0.01cfu/ml
Particulates(>0.1μm) <1/ml
Pyrogen/Endotoxin N/A <0.001Eu/ml N/A <0.001Eu/ml
Ribonuclease(RNases) N/A <1pg/ml N/A <1pg/ml
Deoxyribonuclease(DNases) N/A <5pg/ml N/A <5pg/ml
RO pure water index  
Ion retention rate 97%-99% (When using new RO membrane)
Organic matter retention rate >99%, when MW>200 Dalton
Particles and bacteria retention rate >99%
Raw water requirements City drinking tap water, water temperature 5-45℃, water pressure 1.0-4.0Kgf/cm2
Size and weight 500×360×540mm(L*W*H); 22Kg
Power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power 120W
System configuration Host (including 1 set of purification column) + 1 set of water intake handle + 1 built-in water tank

*The value is affected by different temperatures, influent water quality, and total pollution of influent water.

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