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Product name : R10 Pneumatic Mixer
Product No. : R10
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High quality reliable pneumatic motor, with high precision overload protection, and choice of mixing paddles.
It is suitable for stirring, dispersing and mixing in complex experimental environments such as inflammable, explosive, high temperature and dust.

Motor power 150W
Air consumption 0.24m³/min
Ventilation pressure 0-6bar
Working capacity (H₂O) 50-30000mL
Maximum working viscosity 5000cP
Rotation speed range (load free) 3000rpm
Speed display No
Maximum shaft torque 80N·cm
Medium-contact material SS316L
Overheating protection No
Standard dispersing agitator Four-blade agitator
Permissible temperature range 5-40℃
Permissible humidity range 80%
Agitator fixation Drill chuck
Clench diameter range 0.5-10mm
Work frame, stand base Standard
Process type Batch processing
Overall dimensions 310×215×730
Weight ~7kg
Package Carton

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