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Product name : FCH205 Magnetic Stirrer
Product No. : FCH205
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Product Description

Best-selling magnetic stirrer, one-button shuttle control, ceramic panel, precise heating, cleaning digital display, accuracy of temperature measurement..
Suitable for mixing and stirring various low-viscosity fluid materials.

Technical Parameters
Power supply 1phase AC 200 - 240V, 50/60Hz 650 W
Panel/heating pad size Φ135 mm
Capacity of stirring (H₂O) Max. 5L
Input/output power 30W / 20W
Speed range 50~1,500rpm
Minimum speed adjustment 10rpm
Heating temperature range RT-310℃
Heating temperature accuracy ±1℃
Temperature display accuracy ± 0.1℃
Minimum temperature adjustment ±1℃
Heating output power 600W
Temperature checking PT1000
Working environment temperature range +5~40℃
Working environment humidity range ≤80 %
Magnet specification Max. Φ10 × 55 mm
Controller Digital feedback controller, Jog-Shuttle switch (rotate + press)
Display LED
Material of panel Aluminum alloy ceramic coating
Material of equipment Aluminum alloy
Dimensions (w × d × h mm) 250 × 158 × 92
Weight 1.9kg
Protection grade IP42
Temperature sensor Yes
Stand for temperature sensor Yes

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