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Product name : F18 high speed high shear dispersing emulsifier
Product No. : F18


Stepless speed change, equipped with two working heads, capable of meeting the different processing capacities of the laboratory. The utility model benefits from low noise, convenient speed regulation, wide processing range, stable operation and convenient cleaning.
Emulsification, dispersion, homogenization, liquid / liquid mixing, etc.

Motor power 200W
Power supply 220V,50Hz
Working capacity (H₂O) 100-2000mL
Maximum working viscosity 8000cP
Speed range 300-23000rpm
Speed display Scale
Speed control Stepless
Medium-contact material SS304
Shaft sleeve material PTFE
Permissible temperature range 5-40℃
Permissible humidity range 80%
Process type Batch processing
Work frame, stand base Standard
Standard dispersing agitator 12G、18G
Overall dimensions 225×328×600
Weight ~9kg
Package Carton

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