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Product name : LC210 HPLC high performance liquid chromatography
Product No. : LC210
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Product Overview

High performance liquid chromatography is an instrument that uses the difference in the distribution ratio of a mixture between liquid-solid or two immiscible liquids to first separate the mixture and then analyze and identify it. Separation of mixtures of high-boiling, difficult-to-gas compounds is achieved by chromatographic columns and eluents. Because HPLC has the advantages of high resolution, high sensitivity, fast speed, high separation efficiency, reusable chromatographic column, and easy collection of effluent components, it is widely used in biochemistry, food analysis, pharmaceutical research, environmental analysis, and inorganic analysis. , petrochemical and other fields.

Main Features

● The high-sensitivity detector adopts fluid-mechanical cooling channels and patented thermal insulation technology (utility model, ZL: 201420663058.X), which has a good control over ambient temperature changes and has excellent electromagnetic shielding performance.

● Adopt highly integrated microprocessor and multi-bus technology, low temperature drift, low noise and high sensitivity preamplifier, 24-bit precision AD conversion.

● The reciprocating series constant flow pump with stable flow rate has high pressure resistance and is easy to maintain and operate. With the smooth pulsation of high-efficiency buffers, the liquid flow is stable and accurate, and high-precision isocratic infusion can be performed; it can also be formed into a binary or multi-element high-pressure gradient elution system to achieve uniform mixing of different mobile phases through a mixer.

● The key parts such as plunger rod have the cleaning function to prolong the service life of the sealing ring. By setting process controls, abnormal conditions such as blockages and leaks can be monitored.

● 7-inch color touch screen and workstation software with audit trail function to realize two-way operation.

● Strict processing technology and selected parts adopt CNC machine tools to ensure processing accuracy and consistency, and import core parts and accessories.

● Selected long-life imported deuterium lamp and deuterium lamp power supply. The detection cell unit is modular, easy to disassemble and clean. The sampler is optional with manual or automatic sampler.

● With time-varying wavelength function and PID self-tuning algorithm.

Technical Parameters

● Column incubator:
Temperature control accuracy: 0.2°C
Temperature control range: 10°C ~ 89°C above room temperature (in increments of 1°C)
Temperature stability error: ≤0.5℃

● High pressure infusion pump:
Flow setting range: 0.01~9.99mL/min
Flow stability: ≤0.3%
High pressure infusion pump MAX output pressure 45MPa

● UV-Vis detector:
Wavelength range: 190nm ~ 900nm
Wavelength accuracy: ≤0.2nm
Baseline noise: ≤±2.5×10-6AU (wavelength 254nm, empty cell) ≤±5×10-6 AU (wavelength 254nm, methanol as mobile phase)
Baseline drift: ≤5×10-5 AU/h (wavelength 254nm, empty cell) ≤2×10-4 AU/h (wavelength 254nm, methanol as mobile phase).
MIN detection concentration: ≤5×10-9 g/mL (sample: naphthalene; carrier liquid: methanol; wavelength 254nm)

● Column thermostat 8kg, high pressure infusion pump 13kg, UV-Vis detector 14kg
● Power supply voltage: 220V±22V, 50Hz±0.5Hz
● Power: 400W

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