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Product name : Liquid Turbine Flowmeter
Product No. : LWGY

LWGY series turbine flow sensor is based on the principle of moment balance, Belongs to the speed sensor. LWGY series of turbine flow sensor has the advantages of simple structure, Lightweight, high accuracy, good repeatability, sensitive reaction, low installation and maintenance, Easy to use and so on, Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water, paper and other industries, Is to measure the energy flow measurement and instrumentation of the ideal. This product is based on industry standard of Ministry of machinery design and manufacture of GB/T9246-1999.

LWGY series turbine flow sensor and a display instrument supporting the use of, Suitable for closed pipe With stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 2Cr13 and AI2O3 cemented carbide corundum, does not corrode, And no fiber, measurement of particles and other impurities in liquid. FY-LK80quantitative control instrument if the production and the company, Can be used for quantitative control, Excess alarm etc. Selection of explosion proof form the product (EXdIIBT6), can be in the explosion hazardous environment use.

LWGY series turbine flow sensor is suitable for the work temperature viscosity of less than 5X10-6/S of the medium, For the viscosity is greater than 5X10-6/S of liquid, solid liquid used to calibration of sensor. If the sensor requires special form of user, Negotiable order, The anti explosion type sensor, In order to illustrate.

Working Principle

When the fluid flows through the sensor housing, Because the blade and the flow of the impeller of a certain angle, The fluid momentum blade with rotating torque, After overcoming the friction torque and drag blade rotation, Stable speed in the moment balance, Under certain conditions, Speed and velocity is proportional to the, Because the blade with a guide magnetic, It is in the signal detector (composed of permanent magnet and coil in the magnetic field), Rotating blades cutting magnetic lines of force, The periodic change of the magnetic flux coil, So that the two ends of the coil induces an electrical pulse signal, This signal through the amplifier shaping, The formation of a certain magnitude of continuous rectangular pulse, Can be sent to the display instrument, Display the transient flow of the fluid or the total amount. In a certain range of flows, Pulse frequency of F and the instantaneous flow Q through the sensor is proportional to the fluid, flow equation.

Technical Papameters

Flow Range and Working Pressure


Model Selection

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