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Product name : Multi Channel Industrial Acid/Alkali Concentration Meter
Product No. : SJG-2083D
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SJG-2083D has a large LCD display screen, includes two channel or four channel. It can be connected with two concentration meter electrode measurements for HCL and NaOH, the first channel is HCL, the second channel is NaOH, simultaneously measurement, display on same screen. It also can simultaneously measure the concentration of other acid/alkali salt, including nitrate, sulfate, sodium chloride.


Between the two channels are independent, without interference. English LCD display, English menu operation.

Microcomputer: It adopts high-performance CPU chip, high-precision AD conversion technology and SMT

technology to complete the multi-parameter measurement, temperature compensation and instrument

self-checking, with high precision and good repeatability.

Phase sensitive detection: Eliminating the influence of wire on the measurement

Waterproof and dust-proof design: Its protection grade is IP65. It is applicable for outdoor use

Technical Parameters

1. Measuring range: concentration:0.00~10.00)%HCL;0.00~10.00)%NaOH


temperature: 0~99.9; 0~150℃(optional

2. Intrinsic error of the electronic unit: concentration: ±1.0%F.S.; temperature: ±0.3

3. Automatic temperature compensation range: 099.9

4. Solution tested: 099.9℃, 0.6MPa

5. Intrinsic error of the instrument: concentration: ±2.0%Common point calibration error is less than 0.05%

temperature: ±0.5℃(0.0℃≤T60.0℃)

6. Repeatability error of the electronic units: ±1.0%

7. Stability of the electronic unit: ±1.0%/24 h

8. Isolate current output420 mA (load <750Ω)

9. Output current error: ≤±1%F.S.

10. Protection grade: IP65

11.Saving time of data under a continuous power-failure condition: 10 years

12. Weight: 0.8kg

13.Power supplyAC220V±22V, 50Hz±1HZDC24Voptional

14. Overall dimension: 146 (length) x 146 (width) x 108 (depth) mm;

dimension of the hole: 138 x 138mm

15. Working conditions: ambient temperature: 0-60; relative humidity <85%

16.Secondary meter installation type: opening type/hanging type/framing type/pipe type

17. Electrode installation type: circulating type/ submergence type/flange type/ pipe type

Standard Configuration

A secondary meter of acid/alkali concentration metertwo SJG-03 acid/alkali concentration meter electrodestwo channel instrument

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