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Product name : Industrial Online Sodium Analyzer
Product No. : DWG-3088
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DWG-5088 Industrial Sodium Meter is a brand new continuous monitoring instrument for micro-sodium ions at ppb level. With professional ppb level measuring electrode, automatic constant-voltage constant-current fluid line system and stable and efficient basification system, it provides stable and accurate measurement. It can be used for continuous monitoring over sodium ions in water and solution in thermal power stations, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmacy, biochemical engineering, foodstuff, running water supply and many other industries.


The new layout design, aluminum shell, metal texture, builds high grade E times of water meter;

LCD display in English, menu in English and notepad in English.

Computer-based: Multi-parameter measurement, temperature compensation and automatic range conversion are achieved thanks to the high-performance CPU chip, high-precision AD conversion technology and SMT pasting technology, resulting in high precision and repeatability.

High reliability: Single-board structure, touch keys, no switch knob or potentiometer. Rapid response, accurate;

Automatic constant-voltage constant-current liquid line system: Automatic compensation for flow and pressure of water sample.

Water and dust protection: The protection grade is IP65, and it is suitable for outdoor use.

Alarm: Isolated alarm signal output, discretionary setting of upper and lower thresholds for alarming, and lagged cancellation of alarming.

Network function: Isolated current output and RS485 Communication Interface.

History curve: It can continuously record data for a month, with a point for each five minutes.

Notepad function: Recording 200 messages.

Technical Parameters

1.   Measuring range: 0 ~ 100ug / L, 0 ~ 23000mg /L,0.00pNa~8.00pNa, 0~60

Resolution: 0.1 μg / L, 0.01mg/L

   Resolution : 0.01pNa  Resolution : 0.1

2.    The basic error : ± 2.5%, ± 0.3 temperature

3.    Automatic temperature compensation range : 0 ~ 60 , 25 basis

4.    The electronic unit temperature compensation error : ± 2.5%

5.    The electronic unit repeatability error : ± 2.5% of reading

6.    Stability: reading ± 2.5% / 24h

7.    The input impedance:  10-12Ω

8.    The input current : 2 x 10-12A

 Tested water samples : 0 ~ 60 , 0.3MPa

9.     The clock accuracy: ± 1 minute / month

10.   Isolated output : 0 ~ 10mA ( load <1.5kΩ), 4 ~ 20mA ( load <750Ω)

11.   The output current error : ≤ ± 1% FS

12.   Data storage Quantity: 1 month ( 1point / 5 minutes )

13.   Data for the power down save time: 10 Years;

14.   Alarm normally open contact: AC250V, 7A

15.   Power supply : AC220V ± 10%, 50 ± 1Hz, 24VDC(optional);

16.   Outline dimension: 146mm x 146mm x 150mm;

  Opening dimension: 138mm x 138mm;

17.   Weight:1.5Kg;

18.   Working conditions: ambient temperature: 0~60; relative humidity <85%

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