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LWQ series gas turbine flowmeter is to draw on the domestic and foreign advanced technology through the optimized design of flow meter, Gas dynamics. Fluid mechanics, Electromagnetic theory and developed Temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer in one A new generation of high precision, high reliability. Gas metering instrument, With the excellent performance of low and high pressure measurement, A variety of signal output and low sensitivity to the fluid disturbance, Good reproducibility, simple structure, high pressure resistance, wide measurement range, small volume, light weight, low pressure loss, long service life, simple operation, The advantages of convenient repair, Temperature and pressure compensation type instrument can set flow, temperature, pressure detection functions, And can carry on the temperature, pressure, compression factor automatic compensation. Is the industry of petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, industrial boiler The gas metering and city gas, Gas pressure regulating station closed pipe low viscosity of gas volume flow rate and total The ideal gas flow meter and gas heat metering.

LWQ series gas turbine flowmeter In strict accordance with the product standard "GBT18940-2003 closed measuring turbine flowmeter gas flow in pipeline","GBT21391- 2008 gas turbine flow meter to measure gas flow" The implementation and verification of standard "JJG 1037-2008 verification regulation of turbine flowmeter" and verification.

LWQ series gas turbine flowmeter By the national quality inspection department according to the electrical equipment, explosion-proof products first for explosive gas environment: General requirements "GB3836.2000", GB3836.2-2000 "electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part second: Flameproof Enclosures" d " And GB3836.4-2000 "electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres Part fourth: intrinsic safety type" I "" standard inspection, Explosion proof mark Exd  BT6 (explosion-proof), Exia   CT4 (Ben Anxing). Suitable for containing A, B, C class T1~T6 temperature group explosive gas mixture of 0 (only intrinsically safe type) 1, zone 2 dangerous places.

Main Features

Using a new type of sensor, The initial low flow, low pressure loss, anti vibration and anti pulsating flow performance, Not easy to corrosion, good reliability, long service life.

The integrated chip uses new MCU with high performance, Computing precision is high, the function is powerful, superior performance.

Using  micro power  advanced high-tech,  The low power consumption. Not  only can  be  used in battery  powered operation, but also by the external power supply operation.

According to the flow frequency signal, The instrument coefficient up to eight automatic linear correction, According to user needs to improve calculation precision instrument.

Using EEPROM data storage technology, The storage and query of historical data, Three kinds of historical data records available.

Flow meter which can rotate 180 degrees, the installation is simple and convenient to use.

High precision, generally up to ± 1.5%R, ± 1.0%

Good repeatability, Short term reproducibility of up to 0.05%R~0.2%R, It is because of its good repeatability, Trade settlement in the meter is preferred.

Detection of measured gas temperature, pressure and flow, Can flow automatic tracking compensation, And display the standard condition (Pn=101.325KPa, Tn=293.15K) gas flow; Can be real-time data query temperature, pressure, time, date, etc..

Working Principle
When the air flow into the flow, First, after the pilot structure and accelerate the independence movement, Under the effect of fluid, The turbine blades and fluid flow in a certain angle, The turbine rotating torque, To overcome the resistance torque and friction torque in turbine began to turn. When the torque balance, Speed stability, The turbine rotation speed and flow into a linear relationship, By periodically sending disc magnet on a rotating sensor reluctance to change, Thus ends in sensor induction frequency and volume of fluid flow proportional to the pulse signal. The signal through the pre amplifier, shaping And the pressure and temperature sensor to detect the pressure, the temperature signals at the same time lost to  flow totalizer  processing,  Direct display standard  volume flow and standard volume total.

Technical Parameters

Flow Range and Pressure Rating

Model Selection

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