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Product name : Plug-in Vortex Flowmeter
Product No. : LUGB
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LUGB series vortex is divided into full pipe type piezoelectric vortex flowmeter, insert type piezoelectric vortex flowmeter, battery powered type piezoelectric vortex flowmeter, diving type / split type vortex flowmeter (ordering protocol), the size of a piezoelectric with temperature, pressure compensated vortex flowmeter, split type piezoelectric with temperature, pressure vortex flowmeter.

LUGB series vortex is divided into full pipe type capacitive vortex flowmeter, insert type of capacitive vortex flowmeter.

LUGB series vortex flowmeter is a new type flowmeter has the international advanced level and the development of Carmen vortex based on the principle of a, the vortex sensor and America Microchip micro controller technology developed with the international advanced level of flowmeter, which belongs to fluid vibration flowmeter. Because it has the advantages of other flowmeter can not have both, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, thermal power, textile, papermaking and other industries on the superheated steam, saturated steam, compressed air and gas (oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, natural gas, coal gas, water) and the liquid (such as: water, gasoline, alcohol, benzene) measurement and control.

Main Features
The detecting element does not contact the measured medium, therefore, stable performance, high reliability.

No moving parts, simple structure and strong, long-term reliable operation, long service life.

Wide measuring range, range up to 10:1.

High precision.

For the same computer digital system supporting the use of the output pulse signal and current signal.

Technical Parameters

Nominal diameter(mm)

15,20,25,40,50,65,80,100,125,150,200,250,300,(300~2000 Insert type)


Nominal pressure(Mpa)

DN25-DN200 4.0(>4.0 Agreement procurement), DN250-DN300 1.6(>1.6 Agreement procurement)

Medium temperature(C)

Capacitor:-40~300, -40~400,-40~450(Agreement procurement)

The material of the body

1Cr18Ni9Ti,(Other materials supplier of protocol)

Allowable vibration acceleration

Piezoelectric type:0.2g              Capacitor:1.0~2.0g


±1%R,±1.5%R,±1FS;Insert   type:±2.5%R,±2.5%FS




Power supply voltage

Sensor:+12V DC,+24V DC;Transmitter:+12V DC ,+24V DC;
Battery type:3.6VLithium battery


Output signal

Fang Bo pulse(Does not include the battery powered type): High level  5V,Low level三1V;Electric current:4~20mA

The pressure loss coefficient

In accordance with JB/T9249 standard

Explosion proof mark

Intrinsically safe:ExdIIia CT2-T5             Flameproof:ExdIICT2-T5

Protection grade

Common typeIP65           Diving type IP68

Environmental conditions

Temperature  -20C~55C,Relative  humidity 5%~90%,Atmospheric  pressure  86~106kPa

Applicable medium

Liquid, gas, steam


Transmission distance

Three wire pulse output type:三300m,Two wire standard current output type (4~20mA):Load resistance三750m

Model Selection

Reference conditions of vortex flow sensor operating flow range table

Simple plug-in mounting location dimension

With ball valve plug installation location dimension

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