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Product name : Online composite gas detector multi-gas detector
Product No. : FIX800
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Brief Description

The FIX800 online composite gas detector adopts high-performance intelligent gas sensor, which can perform mobile online monitoring of multiple component gases (toxic and harmful gases, combustible gases, oxygen, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds VOC, TVOC) Intelligent high-performance compound detection instrument.

The detector uses more than 30 kinds of plug-and-play smart sensors, including imported PID photoion sensors, electrochemical gas sensors, oxygen, catalytic combustion sensors and infrared CO2 sensors, infrared CH4 sensors, which can detect 1-4 at the same time A toxic and harmful gas to meet the testing needs of different industries. The detector can realize real-time concentration display on the computer through the gas alarm controller and monitoring management software. It can also transmit real-time monitoring data and alarm status to the safety control center through the optional wireless module.



Main Features

◆ More than 30 kinds of plug-and-play intelligent original imported sensors are available for selection, such as volatile organic compounds VOC, toxic and harmful electrochemical sensors and oxygen, catalytic combustion sensors and infrared sensors. Sensors can be combined and configured flexibly.

◆ Multiple gas sensors can be opened or closed independently, effectively avoiding cross-interference between detected gases and prolonging the service life of the sensors.

◆ Equipped with infrared remote control, menu operation can be carried out through the remote control, which can realize the operation without opening the cover in dangerous situations.

◆ Intelligent temperature, humidity and zero point compensation algorithm, full software automatic calibration function for target points above level 2 to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results; automatic detection of the working status of each sensor and component when it is turned on.

◆ 2.3-inch full-color display, large and clear background light can display measurement information under any lighting conditions; easy-to-understand UI color icon menu, 4-button navigation friendly user interface.

◆ Support free switching between PPM and mg/m3, %VOL and mg/L concentration units, and free switching between Chinese and English operation interface.

◆ Real-time data transmission, can accurately send out local and remote wireless alarm notifications in a variety of alarm methods (optional).

◆ First-class mechanical design, the air chamber adopts military-quality high-strength aluminum profiles, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, suitable for complex and harsh industrial environments, and reasonable and scientific air chamber design to ensure the accuracy of real-time sensor monitoring.

◆ Automatic storage, storage interval can be customized, 300,000 groups of data with date and time identification can be stored, if TF memory card is optional, it can store more than 10 million groups.

◆ The short-distance RTU wireless transmission method or the GPRS wireless transmission method of unlimited distance anywhere can transmit real-time detection data and alarm status to the security center through the built-in wireless module function (optional).

◆ The explosion-proof grade is Exd II CT6, certified by the National Explosion-proof Electrical Inspection Center.



Technical Parameters


Online composite gas detector



Detection gas

Single, two-in-one, three-in-one, and four-in-one are optional; sensors with more than two-in-one configurations can be opened or closed independently to avoid gas interference and extend the service life of the sensor.

Combustible gas in the air EX, carbon monoxide CO, oxygen O2, hydrogen sulfide H2S, carbon dioxide CO2, methane CH4, ammonia NH3, hydrogen H2, sulfur dioxide SO2, nitrogen N2, formaldehyde CH2O, ozone O3, VOC, TVOC, benzene, phosphating Hydrogen PH3, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, chlorine, nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, fluorine, oil and gas and other toxic, harmful and combustible gases

Working principle

Depending on the specific detection gas, catalytic combustion principle, electrochemical principle, infrared principle, PID photoion principle are optional

Detection range

0~1ppm, 0~5ppm, 0~10ppm, 0~20ppm, 0~50ppm, 0~100ppm, 0~200ppm, 0~500ppm, 0~1000ppm, 0~1000ppm, 0~2000ppm, 0~5000ppm, 0~10000ppm, 0~50000ppm, 0~100%LEL, 0~2%Vol, 0~5%Vol, 0~10%Vol, 0~30%Vol, 0~100%Vol (optional)


0.01ppm(0~100ppm); 0.1ppm(0~1000ppm); 1ppm(>1000ppm); 0.1%LEL; 0.01%Vol

Sampling method

① Free diffusion type——online continuous detection, free diffusion type detection method

② Suction type—the external air pump is equipped with a flow-through adapter for air inlet and outlet or a built-in air pump to realize the pump-suction detection method (air pump is optional)


Wall mounted, hold on pipe or insertion in pipe


≤±3% F.S.



Zero drift


Response time


Recovery time


Power supply


Power consumption

2.5 WDC24V

Pressure range


Working temperature

-40℃+70℃ (High temp is customized.)

Working humidity

10%-95%RH (Non-condensing)

Body material

Shell: ADC12 aluminum alloy, teflon paint, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant (316 stainless steel housing is optional for complex and harsh environments)

Air chamber: adopts high-strength wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant aluminum profile, sturdy and durable (316 stainless steel air chamber is optional for complex and harsh environments), the outer screw thread of air chamber is M45*1.5

Signal output

①Three-wire 4-20mA current signal output, which can be connected to various alarm controllers, PLC, DCS and other control systems.

②RS-485 digital signal output, connect to RS232 adapter card to view the stored data on the computer.

③Two groups of relay high and low segment alarm switch output: passive contact, capacity 30V 1A, 125VAC 0.5A.

④ Voltage signal output: 0-5V, 0-10V signal output can be set by yourself (optional);


①Three-core (four-core) shielded cable transmission: the farthest can be transmitted from 1000 meters to 2000 meters (single core 1 square shielded cable).

②Network port TCP/IP transmission: supports TCP/IP protocol, can be transmitted within 90 meters of network cable, and can be transmitted in real time through long-distance networking (optional).

③Optical fiber transmission: the maximum distance can be 20 kilometers to 40 kilometers (optical cable single-mode multi-core transmission, must be equipped with optical fiber MODEM), can be networked (optional).

④ Short-distance RTU433 wireless transmission: the transmission distance is 0 to 2 kilometers, depending on the transmission power and on-site environment (optional).

⑤GPRS wireless transmission: no distance limitation, built-in module, through telecom operators signal transmission, with SMS reminder notification function (optional).

Alarm method

Sound and light alarm (optional), alarm sound: <90 decibels

Alarm value setting

A1 alarm value, A2 alarm value

TWA alarm value and STEL alarm value can be set separately


2.3” TFT color screen


Remote control + four-button operation

Direct reading

Measurement value, maximum and minimum

Data storage

Automatic storage of data, the storage interval can be customized, can continuously store 300,000 groups of date and time data, optional TF memory card, can store more than 10 million groups of data.

Data download

Support RS485 serial port data download


Target point calibration function, can set standard calibration value, one key to zero point.

Electrical connections

NPT3/4 internal thread (optional1/2NPT, G3/4, G1/2 internal thread)

Explosion-proof cable filler (optional)


Ex d II CT6 Gb



Operation mode

User mode, administrator mode


210mm(H) ×175mm(W)×85mm(T)



Executive standard



One year, maintenance free in warranty time






Product Configuration

Standard Configuration



FIX800 host


Remote control


User manual




Warranty card



Optional Configuration



Sound and light alarm


TF storage card


Installation backplane


Installation U type pipe clamp


Rain cover


2A DC24V or 10A DC24V adaptor


Flow-through type air chamber adapter


Explosion-proof cable filler


Air pump


RTU-433 short distance wireless module


GPRS wireless module



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