Product name : Online Alkali Concentration Meter
Product No. : SJG-2084
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SJG-2084 Industrial online alkali concentration meter is the new generation full English high-end instrument in our company .It is characterized by complete English show, English menu operation, intelligence, multi-function, high measuring performance, strong environmental suitability etc. It can be widely used for fire power, food chemical etc industry. It is suitable for inspection of ion exchange method for the reclaimed liquid concentration high pure water process, or for the preparation of boiler, pickle of pipe, the concentration of NaOH continuous monitoring.


Complete English display, English menu operation, multi-parameter simultaneously display: Alkali concentration

output current ,temperature, time and status.

Intelligent: SJG-2084 English On-line Alkali Concentration Meter adopts high-precision AD conversion and

single chip microcomputer processing technologies. It can be used for the measurement of the NaOH

concentration and temperature, automatic temperature compensation, self-checking etc multiple functions.

Strong interference immunity: Its current output adopts optoelectronic isolating technology. This meter has

strong interference immunity and the capacity of long-distance transmission as well as excellent electromagnetic


Waterproof and dust-proof design: Its protection grade is IP65. It is applicable for outdoor use.

Technical Parameters

1. Measuring range: concentration: (0.0010.00)%NaOH
                                                         temperature: 0

2. Intrinsic error of the electronic unit: concentration: ±1.0%F.S., temperature: ±0.3℃

3. Automatic temperature compensation range:: 099.9℃


4. Solution tested:: 099.9℃, 0.3MPa

5. Intrinsic error of the instrument: concentration: ±2.0%F.S.(the error may be less than 0.05% after usual point calibration)



6. Isolated current output: 420 mA(load <750Ω)

7. Alarm relay: AC220V, 3A

8. Protection grade: lP65

9. RS485 Communication Interface: optional

10. Power supply: AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz,DC24V(optional)

11. Clock accuracy: ±1 minute/month

12. Data storage capacity: l month (1 point/5 minutes)

13. Overall dimension: 146 (length) x 146 (width) x 108 (depth) mm;

dimension of the hole: 138 x 138mm

14. Weight: 0.8kg

15. Working conditions: ambient temperature: 0-60; relative humidity <85%

Standard configuration

A industrial online alkali concentration secondary meter, a online alkali concentration electrode(default as 5m).

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